Sometimes as we get busy, we forget how much we rely on our vehicles and how important it is to keep them serviced and maintained ensuring the safety of ourselves & the loved ones who travel with us.

Just because the world stopped through the coronavirus pandemic does not mean the relationship with your car stops aswell. We would say it is more paramount in these times when we are not driving our cars as much for you to make sure your car has been maintained and ready to safely service you and your family.

Apart from making it a priority to keep your service and maintenance appointments there are a few at home tips and trick to looking after your car at home.

Sustaining your car during coronavirus


#1 – Drive the car for at least 10 minutes once a week.

The last thing you want is to hop in your car and find it will not start due to a flat battery. Running your car charges the battery. So even a short 10-minute drive will ensure the battery keeps charge and is ready to start the car at a moments notice.

A short drive will also rotate the wheels to a different position when you return and park, keeping the weight of the car on varied positions of the tyre each time, thus eliminating flat spots & uneven wear in your tyres.

Driving your vehicle and turning the engine over, getting it up to operating temperature also ensures the engine internals and cooling system keeps well lubricated which long term aids wear and tear on all the expensive components that keep our car running.


#2 – Keep a quarter of a minimum of ¼ tank of fuel in your tank

Keeping at least ¼ tank of fuel in your tank protects the fuel pump, lines and components keeping them lubricated. It also prevents rust and fuel deterioration from condensation with temperature changes.

One thing to note, if fuel sits for too long it does go off. Filling up a stale ¼ tank of fuel will dilute it enough to drive again, however if you do have more than ¼ tank of fuel in your car that has gone stale you may need to siphon it out and refill. Stale fuel will make your car run very poorly.


#3 – Glen 20 is your friend, especially for your air conditioning unit.

Apart from the disinfectant qualities of Glen 20 which is a godsent in times of a global pandemic, it is also great for keeping your air conditioning clean and germ free along with the air you are breathing while inside your vehicle.

Ever noticed that your aircon smells? Unfortunately, what you are smelling is mould. Your cars air conditioner dries the outside air that comes into your vehicle. That moisture in the fresh air becomes trapped by the evaporator and drains out through a tube to the ground outside your vehicle (usually underneath). It is a very damp environment, and that dampness is the perfect breeding ground for mould.

You can clear this up yourself with Glen 20, and we recommend doing this every 3-month depending on how often you drive your car. If you do have your vehicle serviced at our workshop our technicians include this in the service for you.

To do this at home- Switch your aircon to the recirculate option so the air system draws the air from inside the car. Turn your fan to high and spray the Glen 20 into the car’s interior air intake (this can usually be found on the LH side of the front cabin at the floor under dash area). If you’re not sure which side your interior air intake is- spray both sides. You need to give it a good spray as the spray needs to coat all of the mould or it will return.


At the end of the day, there is no substitute for booking your car into a professional for your service, after all your car is one of your biggest investments along with your car having the most important task of keeping you and your family safe. Here at our workshop, we not only make sure your vehicle is mechanically safe for your family but also provide the option for a germ clean with every service as well.