Vehicle Servicing , Fleet Maintenance & General Repairs

Here at Paramount Automotive Performance we are able to service you vehicle whether it is brand new or been loved for years, no matter what make or model.

Our log book servicing will NOT void your manufactures warranty, as all the parts we use are backed with a manufactures warranty.

Our fleet servicing program is also available for those who have a fleet of vehicles that need to be kept on the road while still receiving a thorough service and safety check.

From Safety inspections to oil changes to engine management systems to diagnostic testing and tuning…Paramount Automotive Performance have the equipment and expertise to service your vehicle.

Each interim vehicle service concentrates on lubricate and fluid levels. Spark plugs, Air filter & housing is inspected and cleaned. A thorough diagnostic check of braking, exhaust and drive train components, along with a cooling and suspension system check is carried out. Even your lights, windscreen wipers, battery terminals and tyre pressure and wear are inspected. We road test every vehicle serviced. Any worn or faulty parts will brought to the owners attention for repair that day or noted for repair at a later date.

Each Major vehicle service involves every check & action as previously listed in our interim vehicle service. However this service expands to replacing more of these parts that are checked i.e.: spark plugs, air filter, coolant, fuel filter, transmission/diff oils etc. A full safety inspection is also carried out at this service.

If your car has broken down, leaking oil, using too much fuel, making any noises unheard before, hard to start, idling or running rough or has any number of other problems..our highly trained technicians and fully equipped diagnostic workshop will be able to pin point the problem and repair it.

Our motto is “Test don’t Guess”.

If you would like to make a booking,  call our office on  (07) 4659 9711