Paramount Performance offers custom vehicle tuning using HP Tuner software to custom tune the stock ecu in certain vehicles along with tuning aftermarket engine management systems such as Holley EFI, Fuel Tech, Autronic, Haltech, MicroTech, Motec, & Vipec.

We not only offer the very latest in Ecu remapping & Ecu Tuning, but also supply a variety of aftermarket engine management systems aswell. Take advantage of our drive-in drive-out service where you can not only buy the ecu best for your application but also have it installed & tuned.

When it comes to fully customising your car, one of the largest limiting factors is your ECU. This is where aftermarket ECUs make all the difference, as they are fully customizable in terms of both software and hardware. An aftermarket ECU allows you to run a custom wiring loom, and can be programmed to work with multiple accessories, allowing you to use a variety of boost controllers, gauges, data loggers, and fuel sensors etc. With today’s technology constantly evolving the possibilities of an aftermarket ecu are endless.

For Stock ECU’S check out the Hp Tuner Supported vehicle’s list to see if your stock ecu can be tuned to suit your vehicle.

It is not just about tuning the stock ecu using Hp Tuner software to suit your performance modifications such as a camshaft or exhaust upgrade, our master tuner is also able to tune and improve your throttle response, horsepower figures and fuel consumption even without any performance modifications! From stock to your serious performance enthusiast, don’t let a stock computer slow you down and cost you money- Book In For a TUNE!

Economy Tuning The team at paramount automotive performance not only tune engines for horsepower, but for economy as well. We offer a wide range of economy tuning on most makes and models to optimise the everyday economy & drivability of your vehicle.

Whether you require a complete engine management install or simply tweaking of your current setup, give the experts at Paramount Performance a call today.


Ford / Holden & Dodge Tuning

Paramount Performance is able to tune most Ford Holden and Dodge models.  Available for all American vehicles, Alloytec, Gen 3, Gen 4, and Ford BA, BF and FG models.

We are able to tune and improve your throttle response, horsepower figures and fuel consumption!

From stock to your serious performance enthusiast.

DON’T LET A STOCK COMPUTER SLOW YOU DOWN AND COST YOU $$$  Speak to one of the staff at Paramount Performance Today!

If you would like to make a booking,  call our office on  (07) 4659 9711