Welcome to Paramount Performance. We are located in Toowoomba QLD. At Paramount Automotive & Performance, we strive to give our customers the highest quality workmanship with a personal touch.

Our main focus with each performance enhancement is not only power, but reliability & driveability. All our performance packages have been developed & tested in house to ensure there is a perfect balance of these 3 key elements in every performance upgrade we provide based on the application.

What we do everyday is our passion, being enthusiasts ourselves, we only sell & recommend what we have tried & tested – If we wouldn’t use it on our own car… we wont be using it on yours! Our technicians choose to recommend and use the highest quality parts to ensure perfection the first time. We do believe in quality… you do get what you pay for.

All employees at Paramount endeavour to involve our customers in every stage of development with their vehicle. Our customers not only have the pleasure at the end of the day in driving their vehicle, but also have the pride that they personally contributed in all decisions made when concerning their vehicles performance enhancements.

Paramount Automotive Performance is also one of the few workshops around that have a fully equiped version of the Kalmaker tuning software to tune the older Delco engine management systems.
For more information on Kalmaker or any of our other services, click here

-Terry and Anita Seng

Some of our services include:

Carbon Tune System
Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance
Aftermarket Engine Management Systems & Tuning
Engine Building
Custom Fabrication
Exhaust Fabrication
Dyno Dynamics Diagnostics and Tuning
Saftey Certificates

For any information on the above services click here , call us on (07) 4659 9711 or drop in and visit our workshop!