Jon’s S13 Silvia

Jon’s S13 Silvia is certainly not your typical street silvia. With a complete drag prepped SR20 lurking under the bonnet, this is one S13 that means business! A complete forged bottom end mated with a huge custom T88 turbo means that this particular SR20 is good for nearly 550hp at the tyres on 2bar of boost.

The exterior is clean with no over the top paint effects, just simple white which suits the car perfectly. The only thing from the outside that even hints of this cars incredible power plant are the custom “700KW” number plates.

Inside the car is decked out with race Recaro’s, a full rollcage and a swag of Defi gauges.
Jon’s car recently had a photo shoot for High Performance Imports so look out for it in an upcoming issue. Some photos from the shoot are below thanks to Just Dave Photography.

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