When asked, It is surprising how many people aren’t fully aware of how often they should change the oil in their car, 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000klm? Even more surprising how many people didn’t monitor the service sticker placed on their windshield, which is put there by your service centre to remind you when your service is due. The other surprising thing is how many people also don’t know how to read the service sticker placed on their windshield.

When it comes to replacing engine oil the answer depends on a number of factors. Every vehicle is engineered differently and therefore will have their own service schedule dependant on which conditions you drive in. The maintenance schedule of your vehicle can be found in your owner’s manual.

How to understand the service reminder sticker placed on your windscreen by your automotive technicianHow to understand the service reminder sticker placed on your windscreen by your automotive technician


Service stickers are placed on your windscreen to remind you when your car is due for a service. It also assists in planning for your service, you can keep track of how many kilometers you have travelled and be ready to fit a service into your busy sheduleyou’re your weekly budget.

Every service sticker should have a date and a kilometer written on the sticker. It is important to note that this sticker is telling you your service is due on the 1st of July 2021 OR and this it the big thing people miss- OR at 50,000klm travelled- whichever comes first.

A lot of people miss the or and  go in to have their service done based on the date written on their sticker but have travelled 20,000klm over the kilometers on the sticker. This is not good for you or your vehicle. Essentially you are 20,000klm over due on your service, which doesn’t do your engine components any favours or your bank balance in the long run.


Why is it important to change my oil Regularly ?

Most workshops in Australia will set the date of your next service for six months from that service. This is because engine oil once inside an operating engine really only has a life of 6 months. Grit and particles from the engine parts making contact with each other, condensation from the atmosphere, fuel droplets, & carbon deposits are all things which contaminate your oil with everyday driving. Oil protection levels deteriorate through this contamination which reduces the oils effectiveness to protect your engine components.

This is what it looks like inside your engine when the oil does not get regularly serviced.

Why is it important to change oil Regularly 03
Why is it important to change oil Regularly 01
Why is it important to change oil Regularly 02

The oil consistency changes from smooth and running which is what keeps your components lubricated to a consistency that is like Gel. Once the consistency of the oil starts to change it no longer moves freely inside your engine- it starts to set and gum up all the free moving components which leads to engine failure.

To save yourself both time and money in the long run it is paramount to monitor your service sticker and be dillegent in having your enigne oil & filter changed when required. After all, the oil cirulating around your engine is what is keeping the moving parts well lubricated. Without lubrication, the moving components will wear faster where they make contact with other components, and before long you can be facing a very expensinve repair bill. Your car is your biggest investment, let us look after it for you!