An exhaust system will give your engine more bite, serious power increases and increased torque boosts. However, when choosing an exhaust system, you should know that size does matter. Some cars perform with small exhausts, some with big exhausts. A common misconception is that the larger the exhaust diameter the better the system. Systems that are too large can actually reduce performance levels with their lack of gas speed at mid range engine RPM.

Benefits of a custom exhaust

In most cases, the fuel economy of the engine will improve. This is due to the scavenging effects of an efficient design of headers (more clean air fuel mixture being delivered into the cylinder bore resulting in a more powerful power stroke). Quite simply this means that the engine does not have to work as hard to deliver the same power.   Unleash your engine with an upgraded exhaust system & give your ride a sound that is sure to turn heads. Give us a call on 0746599 711 to discuss our exhaust options.