Exhaust Systems

When choosing an exhaust system, you should know that size does matter. Some cars perform with small exhausts, some with big exhausts. A common misconception is that the larger the exhaust diameter the better the system. Systems that are too large can actually reduce performance levels with their lack of correct back pressure.

Here at paramount we highly recommend mandrel bent custom exhaust systems. Mandrel is a type of bending system allows the tube to be bent, without altering its original shape and size, which in turn enhances flow and appearance.

We do offer press bent systems for non performance applications, however a press bent system where the pipe is pressed together to bend the pipe for correct fitments does restrict exhaust flow, and should only be used for the purpose of creating a differing sound in standard vehicles.

Benefits of a custom exhaust
In most cases, the fuel economy of the engine will improve. This is due to the scavenging effects of an efficient design of headers (more clean air fuel mixture being delivered into the cylinder bore resulting in a more powerful power stroke). Quite simply this means that the engine does not have to work as hard to deliver the same power. The typical way in which fuel economy will decrease is when the increase in engine power changes the driver’s driving habits, pushing the engine harder and therefore using more fuel than normal.

We use and recommend Pacemaker extractors (headers) whenever possible. Typically, these headers provide a power increase on cars of between 10-25% . however Pacemaker does not make headers for every application so we may use another brand for certain applications.

Key reasons we recommend Pacemaker extractors/headers:

• Mandrel is a type of bending system allows the tube to be bent, without altering its original shape and size, which in turn enhances flow and appearance. Some header manufacturers do not have access to this system while others mix and match mandrel bends with ordinary press bends. All Pacemaker headers/extractors use mandrel bends

• There are two ways pipes can be welded to a flange on a header. The correct way is to have the pipe set through the flange, welded around the top to seal the pipe, mould the pipe to the correct size and shape and then finally, machining off the access. The other way is to simply butt weld the pipe onto the top of the flange. This may seem to be the easiest way of welding pipes to a flange but unfortunately, this means the flange port needs to be cut smaller than the pipe and not necessarily to the right size and shape to match the cylinder head. All Pacemaker headers/extractors use pipes set through the flange, which is another reason why we use and recommend Pacemaker products.

• Pacemaker headers have ceramic coatings, which is a thermal skin applied internally and externally to the header. This skin or coat, apart from other properties, consists of ceramic and aluminium. This combination provides very high thermal resistance and is an ideal coating for headers, pistons and other high temperature components. A by-product of ceramic coating is its high lustre or finish, and should increase the life of the product.

Here at Paramount, we have carried out many test on our Dyno Dynamics Dyno and found that with the correct exhaust system fitted to your vehicle, exhaust gases escape the engine cylinders with greater ease. With less exhaust gas in the cylinder, a greater intake of air/fuel mixture is achieved. When you combine this air induction with a K&N Filter, your vehicle breathes properly and as mentioned the cylinders are empty allowing in more air/fuel mixture on the intake stroke of the engine. With more fuel/air mixture in the cylinder, you gain more power.

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