Does your car have: poor fuel economy? Lack power? Idle rough? Make a pinging sound?

A logbook service is not the only service you should be booking your car in for.

While ensuring your vehicle is kept up to date with its service schedule is important there is another service that is often overlooked for your petrol-powered vehicle- A Carbon Clean Service!

The carbon clean system offered at our workshop is the petrol fuel system service of the new Millennium!

Carbon Build up is your vehicle’s unseen enemy! Due to the poor fuel quality in Australia our cars engines with everyday driving gum up with carbon. These carbon deposits can cause Poor fuel economy, a lack in power, rough idle and pinging (detonation). Independent tests prove the carbon clean service improves fuel economy, Increases Horsepower and reduces exhaust emissions by increasing the operating efficiency of the engine. Most important is the feeling you will get when you feel the performance restored in your car.

How it works…
The cleaning system connects to the engine via specifically designed adapters, temporarily taking place of the vehicles fuel supply system. The system circulates a potent mixture of carbon clean chemical and fuel throughout the fuel system. The carbon clean chemical is the safest and most effective cleaner on the market. This chemical is safe for all engine and fuel system components.

Phase 1
During the first phase of cleaning, with the engine off, the system removes gum and varnish from the fuel rail, pressure regulator and injector filters, filtering out any impurities via an on-board filter that is part on the carbon clean machine.

cleaning system - paramount performance

Phase 2
The second stage of cleaning is carried out with the engine running (under load) with your car on our Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer, the chemical is passed through the injectors and into the combustion chamber. The chemical desiccates the soft carbon deposits lodged on the back of the inlet valves and ports as well as in the combustions chamber. These deposits are then passed through the engine and out of the exhaust.

Engine Cleaning - Paramount Performance

How is a carbon tune different from the do-it-yourself injector cleaners you can buy at the shops?
Most of the injector cleaners currently on the market are too diluted already in the bottle only to be diluted even further when added to the fuel tank to actually be of benefit. To effectively remove carbon deposits from the engine it must be done with the engine under varying load & speeds, in-tank injector cleaner does not offer this either.


Does a Carbon Tune improve engine life? Yes!
Because our Dyno Dynamics dynamometer enables us to simulate conditions that allow oil temperature to rise above normal road going temperature, unburnt fuel and water, contaminating the engine oil, simply boils off. In addition, under these conditions, detergent action in engine oil really gets going and eats up varnish and carbon deposits in the engine.

The benefits of a carbon Tune (dyno de-coke) are:
• Performance and economy are usually improved by up to 10-15 percent
• Part throttle response is improved
• “Pinging” is generally totally cured
• The Engine runs and idles smoother.

The Motorvac Carbon Clean service will immediately help your engine function more efficiently and will improve your vehicle’s performance in a matter of minutes! We recommend a Carbon Clean service every 12-18 months- Do your car a favour and restore your cars performance & book your Carbon Clean Service today!